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Márton A., Kelemen
MSc. Biology

Born in 1974, married, father of 2 children.

Graduated, the Eötvös Lóránt University of Sciences of Budapest as biologist; specialized during the Master of Sciences studies in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics with special emphasis on bird ecology. He started his PhD research on the ecology and dispersal of the Dipper in the Eastern Carpathians of Romania.

Fascinated by birds since he’s childhood; “officially” starting birdwatching during his years in the primary school. He was traveling all over Romania as organizer or participant on birdwatching trips and avian research expeditions. “All-rounder” in bird identification, however - due to his research and professional background - more or less specialized in raptor, waterfowl and wader identification on field as well as in-hand passerine identification.

He took part on many foreign birdwatching and research expeditions. Along many European countries he has specific experience on the birdlife of Tunisia, India and Thailand.

He is guiding birdwatching tours for more than 10 years in Romania, in the last years also in Bulgaria. Along his nature guide activity, presently he is also working on different bird and nature conservation programs as project manager at the Association Milvus Group one of the most significant nature conservation NGOs in Romania.